University of Houston Speech

I was recently asked to introduce Mr. William Rodriguez at the University of Houston. Mr. Rodriguez was the last survivor of the WTC to be rescued. He was a custodian in the south tower for 20 years. His story should cast doubt on the current accepted theory of events. However, as with many situations today in America, many ridicule him because he continues to demand answers. Whatever position you may take on an issue, it is always wise to keep an open mind. The following is my introduction speech.

It is good to be back at the University of Houston.
It is a place where I wiled away hours of my misspent youth in the QUEST for knowledge, both academic and otherwise.

I am honored to be here this evening.
It is not often that one has the opportunity to meet, much less introduce a TRUE American hero.

America today has little resemblance with the nation of my youth.
Liberty has been forsaken in the name of security.
We were once the home of the brave.
Today, we are fed a daily dose of fear by the corporate "main stream" media.
We are told by the media that our “Heroes” should be the likes of Berry Bonds and Kobe Bryant. While I will agree that excelling in sports may be admirable, it simply can not compare to the common man who faces adversity and exhibits exceptional bravery and fortitude.

I was taught to believe that TRUTH was the key to maintaining a free society.
Truth in actions or deeds, truth in advertising and truth in government were once important to our people. Yet, this is not the same country that I grew up in. These attributes have all but been forgotten.

Honesty, integrity and pursuit of TRUTH were the most admirable of qualities. Now, those qualities are the impetus of ridicule, scorn and marginalization by both the ruling elite and their corporate media enablers.

In their attempt to obfuscate any effort to cast light on certain events, those who seek to advance their agenda will often label those who seek the truth as “conspiracy theorists.”

This agenda is often antithetical to the concept of liberty itself.
This agenda could even be considered seditious.
For certainly this agenda promotes the resistance to lawful authority, that authority being our constitution and our individual sovereignty.

Yet, what is the essence of a conspiracy theory?
A conspiracy, an act of conspiring, or an act in harmony towards a common end is a legitimate description of the events that surround September 11th, while a theory is a hypothesis or a conjecture assumed for the sake of investigation.
Indeed, THE EVENTS PROCLAIMED AS “TRUTH” BY OUR GOVERNMENT, and their corporate media enablers, is a perfect example of a “conspiracy theory.
For, their “theory” has yet to be proven and a conspiracy certainly exists.

Today we are often faced with difficult decisions.
One such decision is whether to maintain the status quo, or embark on a proclaimed “radical” shift towards our origins of political philosophy.

Those decisions are often labeled with negative monikers such as “wasted votes” or labeling candidates as not “viable.”
Yet, these monikers are often provided to us by those who promote a “conspiracy theory,” and castigate those who seek only TRUTH.

I ask you……….do you really trust “THEM?”

Or, will you educate yourself on the issues, become an informed voter and exercise your duty to protect our Republic from the enemies of both liberty and the indeed the constitution itself?

Our speaker has shown those exceptional qualities once exalted by our society.
He has certainly paid the price for this exhibition.
Ridiculed by some but not disheartened, he stands before you tonight.
He is a glimmer of hope and resolve.

He rejected the temptation of becoming part of the problem, and instead elected to strive for the solution.

Regardless of what you may consider yourself on a political scale, be it left, right or in the middle, we should all seek the same goal, that goal being ACCOUNTABILITY.
For without accountability, we are simply subjects…… a ruling elite and a nation devolved into ignorance, fear and deceit.

My battles have involved issues which defend our “personal” liberties against the corporatism that exists and pervades our local politics. This corporatism threatens our very rights of private property, privacy and independence.
Exposing the entrenched special interests and demanding truth has been key to my efforts

Our speaker battles these very elements on a much larger scale.
With that in mind, I am truly honored to introduce to you a TRUE American hero.

Mr. William Rodriguez.

Upon listening to Mr. Rodriquez and his realizing the burden he carries, I have the utmost respect for this man. I would advise everyone to listen or watch some of the videos on the internet of his presentation. He draws no conclusions. He simply is asking the tough questions.