Recent Solicitation

As a small business owner, I frequently receive solicitations from various groups. This particular solicitation, I felt deserved to be exposed for the edification of the public. The Republican Party is solely responsible for the sad state of my industry due to their support for increased regulations and their favoring large corporations over the small business owners. Portions of this conversation were actually recorded as I was awaiting a call from the appeals judge. I have changed the name of the caller to protect her identity. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed reciting it over the phone.

Julie: Hello, this is Julie Lee with the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee). I am working with Congressman Tom Cole and would like to speak to Mr. Tunstall.

KT: Speaking, may I help you?

JL: Mr. Tunstall?

KT: Yes?

JL: This is Julie Lee with the NRCC. I am calling today on behalf of Congressman Cole, the chairman of the NRCC, regarding government regulations and their effect on small business leaders in your community.


JL: I have a recorded message from Congressman Cole, could you spare a few minutes to listen?

KT: Sure

Hi, my name is Tom Cole, head of the NRCC, and I am reaching out to small business owners who would like to affect the amount of regulations imposed upon them by Congress. We are seeking conservative business owners, such as yourself, with experience and integrity to help guide our congressional delegation with regard to their must urgent concerns of how regulation affects their ability to compete in today's economy. We value your input and hope that your contribution will guide our current and future congressional members as they write legislation affecting your ability to run your business.

JL: Hello Mr. Tunstall?

KT: Yes

JL: Did you listen to the recording?

KT: Yes I did

JL: We would like to extend an invitation to serve as "Honorary Chairman" of our "Small Business Advisory Panel" for Texas. As such, you would be able to participate in our congressional surveys, have your name printed in the Wall Street Journal and be invited to attend the Presidential Dinner to honor small business owners, the fastest growing sector of the American economy. Would you be interested?

KT: What does it require?

JL: Participation is not required but would be appreciated.

KT: How much does it cost?

JL: There is no required cost Mr. Tunstall, we simply ask that you assist in sponsoring the full page advertisement in the Wall Street Journal. For your small contribution of $300, you will receive a signed picture of the president, a thank you letter from Mr. Cole, a ceremonial gavel as the Honorary State Chairman, engraved with your name and . All of which may be displayed proudly in your office. You will also receive our monthly newsletter.

KT: Ms. Lee, may I call you Julie?

JL: Yes sir

KT: Let me explain a bit about myself so you may understand a bit better where I am coming from.


KT: I have worked in the healthcare industry for 16 years and my industry has undergone a drastic series of increased regulations imposed by the previous Republican congress. They've not only made the industry non-profitable, but their latest regulation will in effect force 2/3 of the providers in my sector out of business by the end of this year. So please explain to me, if you will, why I should support a group of so called "conservatives" who have increased the size of government, increased burdensome regulations, increased the national debt and are currently trying to bankrupt my family?

JL: Uhhhh…..well that is why we need voices such as yours on our advisory board.

KT: Oh please Julie, allow me to continue.
You see, I submitted my application to have "permission" to be paid for the services that I am required to provide under law in July of last year. Since that time, I have been denied that "permission" yet I remain obligated, under federal law, to continue to provide those very same services without hope of compensation. Now, I don't mind running a "non-profit" entity. However, don't you think it would at least be fair if I were compensated for the cost of the products and services that I am required to provide?

JL: Yes sir.

KT: Furthermore, I am not new to politics. You see, I worked on Congressman Ron Paul's last campaign. I know the difference between a true conservative and those who simply pay lip service to small business owners while empowering their "publicly-traded" competitors with regulations intended to stifle competition and innovation. That is why I left the GOP and joined the only party that is principled to the concept of smaller government, less regulation and might I add Constitutional compliance. I am not only a business owner, a political activist, but I am also the Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian Party of the State of Texas. Now, don't you believe that there might be a conflict of interest for me to provide financial assistance to a group who has burdened my industry with more regulations, runs candidates who are opposed to the concepts embodied in the Constitution and has completely turned their backs on the ideals promoted by Berry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan?

JL: Again, Mr. Tunstall that is why your opinion means so much to us.

KT: Well Julie I'll make this deal for you and you can accept it for what it is worth. I do not mind giving you my "opinions" and I will provide you with honest answers based upon my experience and knowledge of my industry. However, I cannot provide financial support to a group that I am actively engaged against in a struggle to financially survive. I will not provide financial assistance to a group, who has tried to destroy the Constitution, makes deals with our enemies and wishes to enslave my children. If you can accept these terms then I'll be glad to participate.

JL: Thank you very much Mr. Tunstall. If you'll go to this website and register, you can begin voicing your opinion today.

Julie then provided me with the necessary information to begin "voicing my concerns" to her corporate masters. Don't ask me how I was able to speak so eloquently on the fly. Perhaps those public speaking engagements are helping me with my diction. I have been known to cross the party line in the past. No doubt I will do so in the future. However, I will only support candidates that uphold their oath of office. Currently, there is only one such man.

What have we become when we can no longer engage in peaceful trade without permission from the government? Is that not by definition of Socialism? I can only hope that my struggle with the government does not end in financial disaster for my family. I am not confident of that possibility at this point. I grow tired of those who would steal from me in order to provide favors to others. They say that karma is a bitch and paybacks will be hell. Only time will tell.