Changing With the Times

Well, I have been self-absorbed with accreditation this year. My quest to achieve said status required all of my attention. To that end, I have devoted most of my free time. However, my quest is drawing to a conclusion. We have made our preparations as best as can be made. All I can do now is wait, and hope for the best.

Nucleus has served me well for the past three years but the functionality of the software is very limited. Along the way my needs have expanded. Alas, Nucleus could not keep up with the demands that I require.

Sometime this week I will retire Nucleus for my purposes and begin using Drupal. This transition should take a few days if more pressing issues do not surface. I have been testing Joomla and it seems to have all the bells and whistles that I desire. Upon completion of the migration I will begin redesigning the entire theme of the site. However, content comes before aesthetics.

As I migrate "users" (recipients of my newsletter) over to the new platform, glitches may occur. Please be patient during the transition and upon completion look forward to new content and controversy.

Yours in Liberty,
K D Tunstall