October 2008

How the Stomach Churns

How the Stomach Churns
or How We Failed to Keep Our Republic

I must admit that since before Hurricane Ike, I had not watched corporate media for awhile. My reasoning was that they (corporate media) are not reliable and as a matter of routine they engage in propaganda and attempt to sway public opinion to fit their agenda. Likewise, I view silence on governmental malfeasance to be equally repugnant.

I suppose one can argue that silence is not collusion by consent. However, as witnessed in Texas, when the media fails to report on the government blatantly violating the election code, one can only be left with the impression that corporate media is engaging in purposefully misleading….no, let’s just call it lying, to the citizens of our state, and of our nation.

I wish to focus on two issues this week. The first issue is that of the State of Texas’ refusal to uphold the rule of law with respect to the election code. Secondly, I would like to discuss the nonsense we are witnessing with respect to ‘the bailout’ being rammed down our throat by the ruling elite. It has taken me awhile, considering recent events, to wrap my mind around these topics and today I intend to make my position very clear and very succinct. I will have to write on “the bailout” tomorrow as I lack the time to complete the article prior to performing my parental duties for the evening. Hopefully I will not bore you with the election code in the meantime.

Ignorance Gone to Seed

Well, as promised I am opining with respect to the so called “bailout” that we have witnessed this week. Recent reports indicated that 85% of those who contacted their Congresspersons and Senators were against this welfare handout, yet our elected leaders voted for the measure anyway. Doesn’t that make you proud to be an American? You will not find a finer example of how well our system works than this particular issue. The “will of the people” (i.e. the consent of the governed) is ignored. Our rulers act with impunity.

The current financial “crisis” that we are witnessing is not a new phenomenon. At the core, it is the logical and natural result of business practices predicated on the concept by amortizing debt, while booking revenue as “profit” as a result of normal business operations and acquisitions. This model rewards those who go deeper into debt, while punishing those who do not. Debt does not equate to “assets” no matter what the media and our government claims. As a result, we have a “debt-based consumer” economy instead of an economy based on sound business practices.