May 2006

Passion or Logic

Sometimes the level of intestinal fortitude must be elevated when watching our elected leaders address the nation. As the President spoke, last night was no exception. The issue of illegal immigration is one that strikes an emotional, though well intended, response from everyone in our society. It is difficult to formulate a realistic approach when such intentions outweigh logic. History dictates that nations who fail to control their borders cease to exist. Likewise, a society, which refuses to enforce its laws, will collapse. Neither the open border advocates nor those who would build a wall around our nation seem to be inclined to take a hard, realistic look at the subject. They demonstrate a propensity of allowing their emotions to dictate their positions. Additionally, one would be hard pressed to believe that the government would actually act in the best interest of its citizens as opposed to its corporate sponsors.

Last night, our president pontificated once more, the preferred path chosen by the ruling elite. At the core is whether the corporate moguls will have a source of cheap, unrestricted labor from which to exploit. Some have even suggested that it is a “conspiracy” to destroy the middle class. Whatever the motivation, when inflation becomes synonymous with a living wage, we all lose.

Where the Libertarian Party seems to fail in its policy formulation is not realizing it has bundled separate issues into one plank. Border Security is a separate issue from Immigration, which is likewise separate from Naturalization. Though they are inexorably interwoven, they must be addressed separately in order to clarify the positions. Understanding this fact, and formulating rational policies can and will lead to support on this issue. We must, therefore, retool the message while remaining consistent with libertarian ideals, protect sovereignty and promote liberty abroad.