March 2006

Who Cares about Ports?

When one discusses the concept of libertarianism with others, it is always important to remember what our priorities are as citizens of the United States of America. All elected officials and military personnel take an oath upon entering service to the citizens of our states and nation. As we likewise intend on serving our countrymen, one must not lose sight of what our obligations are, and would be, if and when we are chosen to serve in such a capacity. Our first priority is to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America, and the individual states if applicable. Keeping that in mind, some seem to find libertarianism unpalatable. I understand, at least in this context, how and why people misconstrue the intent of libertarians and specifically members of the Libertarian Party. Indeed, the National LP platform can seem quite hostile to the concepts of sovereignty and self-preservation as a nation.

On this occasion, let us take but one item from our platform and discuss how this has been used against the movement, and our candidates, when we are trying to broaden our membership and support. I know that some will try and claim that "people don’t read the platform." Well, I can testify that the notion of our platform not being read is a pure fiction. Our political adversaries often read the platform, and they continually utilize the platform to discredit our candidates. Therefore, I will attempt, at least on this issue, to correct some misconceptions concerning libertarians in general.

Same Desires

Sometimes in our haste to confront adversity, we lose sight of the fact that we struggle for the same cause. This came to my realization over the past couple of weeks as a series of events unfolded. In the context of my attempt to bring the Libertarian Party into the mainstream political view, I clearly belong to the “reform” camp. If someone had told me in the summer of 2004, that I would be heavily involved in politics, I would have laughed, handed them another Shiner, and suggested they seek professional help.