February 2006

From the Fringe

We have witnessed perhaps the greatest tragedy we shall see in our lifetime. We have, for the purposes of our generation, lost one of our most beloved cities. I have heard, with utter astonishment, as people stated that the “hand of god” wiped out the sinners. I have heard fault cast at various levels of government. I have seen the utter failure of government to carry out its basic purpose, which is to protect our rights and property.

The aftermath will be, as witnessed on television, much worse than the actual event itself. This event happened to be a storm. However, the next event could be an earthquake or an attack by terrorists or another nation. This event is clear evidence that we, as a nation, are unprepared to respond to such an event. In fact, from my perspective, the government (at all levels) has been more the hindrance, than the savior. Any authority that we the people vest into bureaucracy will, in the end, be abused to enrich the greedy and empower the ruthless.

The politicians are lining up for “face” time on the talk circuit. The shrills from both the right and the left are deafening. They all blame each other, when in fact they are all to blame. How can we, as a people, ever trust our government to carry out basic functions again? There are many questions that need to be asked. There are too many givens and assumptions to cast upon the funeral pyre. For, if we are to learn anything from this tragedy, that lesson should be to rely on only yourself.

What can we see as some of the failures?

Let the People Decide

This month, a report appeared in the LP News describing, what appears to be an attempt by members of the Democratic Party to enact campaign reform. This, riding in the wake of the Abramhoff scandal, shows how low some elected officials will go to silence their political opposition. What was drafted and introduced, can only be seen as a direct attack on the efforts of non-incumbent political parties. I was asked to give my opinion on this piece of legislation.